TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID is used in general civil construction for heat insulation of foundations, operated roofs, loaded floors, as well as for heat insulation layers in foundations of transportation facilities.

Extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID is a heat-insulating material with uniformly distributed closed cells. XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID does not absorb water and does not swell, does not shrink, is chemically stable and is not susceptible to decay. High durability ensures uniform and at the same time hard base: this significantly increases service life of all heat-insulating system.

Product technical data

 Thermal conductivity at 10 °C, λD, W/m*K 0.033
 Compressive stress at 10 % deformation, kPa 500
 Long term water absorption by immersion, % 0.7
 Long term water absorption by diffusion, % ≤ 3.0
 Density, kg/m³ 30.1 - 38.0
 Length, mm 1180, 1200, 1250,
2380, 4000
 Width, mm 580, 600
 Thickness, mm 50

Thermal resistance (EN 12667)

  THICKNESS, mm 50
 Thermal resistance RD, m2*K/W 1.515